Pet Bereavement


Meet Buddy, my beagle companion for over 13 years. I could tell you many stories about how he brightened my life.


For many of us, our pets are our children. We name them based on their quirky personalities or after a favorite friend or relative. We let them sleep on our beds, cuddle them, talk to them and do everything we can to make sure they feel safe and comfortable.



When we have to say goodbye to these special loved ones, it feels like a piece of our heart goes with them. For pet parents, there are only a few people we can truly share our grief with; only a few who understand the pain we feel inside. I have personally lost many pets over the years, most especially, my beloved Buddy. I understand that gut wrenching pain, and know firsthand the depth of loneliness. When there’s no one around to talk to about how personal that loss is to you, it can be overwhelming. You don’t need to walk this path alone.



If you are currently taking care of a pet with a terminal illness, dealing with difficult end-of-life decisions or grieving the loss of your dearly loved companion, contact Compassion Focus Counseling and Consulting, LLC today. We offer both individual or group counseling to help you cope.